Oct 6, 2009

Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles Information

I am getting too many hits recently on an old post for MMRB, so here is a compilation of MMRB information to make thing easier for all of us.

No, I am not a shill and have no affiliation with this shop; I just like their mission and have fun hanging out with them...

Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles (MMRB) is a not-for-profit bike shop in the Midway (as we know, easily the hippest part of St. Paul). Basically, they collect discarded bikes, fix them up to safe condition and give them to needy folks. They do sell some things in the shop to cover expenses, but mostly this is a ministry - the bikes are placed with families and individuals that need them and can't afford them). It's a good place to look for used parts, cheap frames, and wheels (not racing wheels - think polo wheels). They had a really nice Campy Nuovo Record component set the last time I was in there as well as a sweet mag trainer (winter IS coming).

I have volunteered there a few times, and will be doing so again this weekend. The owners are great - Mike and Benita take this ministry seriously and they work hard and take care of their volunteers. Both have full-time jobs and do this in their spare time, so the hours of the shop are a little sketchy. This month, they are open Sundays from 12:00 - 4:00, Tuesday's from 7:00 - 9:00, and Thursday's from 7:00 - 9:00.

I'll post some pics from Saturday's adventure, but if you are looking for a winter beater, fixed gear frame, need some parts to make a "vintage" bike work, or want to do something good, look up MMRB.

Check back later for pics and tales of the Fridley recycle event.

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