Jan 16, 2010

Mississippi River Ride?

Friends of the Mississippi River, Mississippi River Fund and the National Park Service are currently gathering information to guide the development of a potential support tour of the Mississippi River in Minnesota. They are requesting interested riders to complete a short on-line survey to help gauge interest.

I did this survey earlier today. Based on the questions, it's clear that any organized ride that might come of this will be a fund raiser - either pledge-basedor pay-to-ride - with proceeds going to Mississippi River projects.

The idea of a two-day ride along the Mississippi sounds good, but I would want to know a little more about what they intend to do with the proceeds before I would be able to make up my mind about how much I would pay, or be willing to fund raise, in order to do this kind of event. Nevertheless, I took my best shot and completed the survey. Click the link and do so as well if you have any interest in another scenic ride coming together in the metro area.


  1. We have done "nature rides" out of LaCrosse. A ride in the Metro might prove interesting just to see the changes. I grew up in St. Paul. Followed the "birding" link on my profile.

  2. Survey taken, thanks for pointing this out.

  3. The survey looks awfully fund-raiser focused, which might be a barrier to me. I don't care to chase pledges and while I like the Mississip' I don't know a lot about the organizing groups, other than NPS. That's where I come down on a lot of organized rides - why pay to ride when I can do it for free without the crowds? Still, if it's a good cause, I could get behind it.