Oct 4, 2011

This Weekend: Learn the No Zone at Behind the Big Wheels

The trucks and buses we encounter on the streets have significant blind spots that make it impossible for drivers to see vehicles (including bicycles) around large areas of the vehicle. This can create dangerous situations for cyclists who may be unaware of the large "No-Zone" on these vehicles.

This Saturday, Twin Cities cyclists can can learn about these blind-sports and how to ride safely around trucks in a hand-on demonstration with real trucks in a safe, controlled environment.

The Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee, Minnesota Trucking Association, Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, and Bike Walk Ambassador Program and Minneapolis Public Schools have worked together to provide an interactive demonstration of large vehicle blind spots.  In this special demo event, bicyclists will be able to get behind the wheel of a big rig and sit in the driver's seat while bikes & peds walk in the bike lane below to check out blind spots. A new Share the Road educational piece directed towards both bicyclists and commercial drivers will be onsite for public comment before final release. Share your thoughts on the best ways for bikes and big vehicles to share the road.

When Sat, October 8, 10:00 – 12:00

Where 1700 block of North 2nd Street, Minneapolis

This is an exciting event and one that we hope a lot of cyclists will participate in. Bicyclists share the road with arge vehicles like semi-trailer trucks and buses every day but rarely get an opportunity to interact so closely.

I am planning to bring my Flip video camera and digital camera, so hopefully I'll get some imagery to post for those that can't make this, because it is definitely worth experiencing for anyone that rides around large vehicles.


  1. I've been a bicyclist and have also driven big rigs myself. This session sounds AWESOME and I wish everyone would attend. Probably open up the eyes of a few car drivers too. Great stuff!

  2. I agree 100%.

    Share the link and send your thanks to the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota for making this happen!