Nov 10, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different, Again

Since I already have a beard and a stubborn potbelly, I decided it's high time for a tricycle recumbent! This will be perfect for riding down the middle of the Greenway at 9 MPH in every bit of Hi-Viz clothing I have. Suh-weet!

Okay - that's not all entirely true...

I do have a Sun Trike, but it's here only temporarily. This little gem is going to a sister-in-law with some physical issues that preclude her riding a conventional bike. The trike was a good deal on CL and I have ridden this to dial it in and make sure it was in good working order, but this will be moving on next week.

The bike is actually kind of fun - it's got a triple crank in front and a six speed cassette in back with low end SRAM components and disk brakes. The shifting is just fine and gear range is wide, and the saddle bag was included in the purchase, so this should be perfect for my sister-in-law.
This is NOT the care-free ride I anticipated; during my test rides, I did come close to rolling it during some impromptu high speed cornering tests (I blame the testosterone). It turns out that although the center of gravity is pretty low, the lack of lean in the corners requires a, shall we say... more conservative style of cornering than I am perhaps used to. That should not be a problem for the intended recipient, however.

The good news is that the bike works well, I still have all my skin and the near roll-over made what would have otherwise been a mundane ride into a rather exhilarating experience for at least two seconds.


  1. I first saw this post and thought you were preparing to do battle with your nemesis, The Catriker!

  2. Don't forget a jillion blinkies affixed to any space possible! ;-)

    And since you already have the beard, have you considered randonneuring?