Jun 6, 2012

Get Together: June 14 at Sea Salt

The bike bloggers of MPLS will be gathering at Sea Salt on Thursday, June 14 around about happy hour to share stories, get reacquainted and talk about those that don't show up.

If you blog for BikeMN, MPLS Bike Alliance, Cycle TC or some other fringe independent blog (like me at the moment) you are warmly invited to join us. Just look for bikey-looking people and we'll make you feel welcome. The pass word is "beers for bloggers".

Thanks Wheeldancer for the nudge on this.


  1. I am being inconsistent in my messaging. I told Wheel that the date works, but it may not on further review. You may need to talk about me behind my back...

  2. Should be good, hoping the weather holds...

  3. Pete - you are always the life of the party so I am sorry you probably can't make this!! We'll raise one in your honor.

    Wheel - I don't know what to think about weather; as of early this morning it's not looking promising, but I'll be there regardless.

    Hopefully others will be as well!