Dec 28, 2008

Harlequin Duck at Prescott, WI

We ventured to Prescott, WI this morning to see if we could find the Harlequin Duck that has been reported on the MOU site in the past several days to weeks.

It was cold but sunny and beautiful, and we managed to find the duck - that almost never happens to me, so I was a bit dumbstruck that it was actually there.  We also collected several Tundra swans, a boatload of Common Goldeneye and Canada geese, a couple of Canvasbacks and one cold and lonely Coot. I did not get a picture of the duck, but Molly was able to get this one of me because I was moving a lot slower than the duck was.

Sensing that the bird gods were smiling on me today, I talked The Boss into taking a lap around the airport on our return trip to see if we could find that damn Snowy owl, but alas, I was skunked again on that one.


  1. We had a similar weekend. We saw the harlequin in Prescott on Thursday. But despite numerous trips up and down Cargo road on different days, no lucky with the Snowy. We feel your pain!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad you found the duck and I sympathize about the owl. I have not given up on the Snowy, but I am becoming... jaded.

    Did I holler out to you and a partner on Cargo Road on Sunday? I hailed a car with two optimistic owl seekers at the intersection of Cargo Road and the frontage road to swap intelligence, but alas, there was no intelligence to be shared. By either of us.