Sep 23, 2009

The Downtown Dining Club and Where Not to Eat

Earlier this summer, I started a loose and fairly unorganized series of Dutch-treat lunches for Bike Lovers (and their friends) who work downtown. The mission is to meet up somewhere on the third Thursday of the month, more or less, get out of the office, and get to know some other bike riders. Anyone can call for a lunch at any time, but we at least try to meet once a month.

Our "Downtown Dining Club" has its own thread on MBL. So far, we have gotten together at Peter's Grill, Asia Max, My Burger and maybe one or two other places since its inception. I think Sorento, Black Bamboo and some Chinese place in One Financial Plaza might be on the list as well.

Today, the DDC thread sprang to life - not because someone declared "Lunch On" but because somebody (not one of us, thank goodness) "reportedly" found a dead mouse in their salad at a local restaurant. That's so nasty I can't begin to tell you how nasty it is. The Downtown Dining Club link has a photo; the "dead mouse" link has the full story.

Anybody that's interested in joining us can subscribe to the MBL thread, or just watch it, and find the next time and place. We won't be hitting the mouse salad place anytime soon, though.


  1. I am an introvert, but I enjoy gatherings. I have officially subscribed to the MBL thread. You may see me downtown yet.

  2. Excellent. I hope you can make one of these. They are always weird and fun.