Feb 8, 2010

Buses Lay Siege to Nicolet Mall

Lined Up on Nic
Originally uploaded by Snak Shak
Tonight due to the snow storm buses were typical lined up four per city block on Nicolet Mall this evening. In a few cases I saw as many as 6 buses squashed in between 7th and 8th Street on Nic (empirical evidence from tonight suggests that 6 is the maximum number that fit in a block). On a good weather day, it's typically only two buses per block, but that's still enough to make it pretty unenjoyable to ride a bike on Nicolet.

One of the results of the Marq2 project is that bikes will once again be allowed on Nic during peak hours, but unlessl the local buses get routed somewhere else, I doubt most people will choose to ride on Nicolet Mall due to bus conflicts. I just hope the low ridership is not misinterpreted by The City as low demand for suitable bike routes in the CBD.

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