Feb 11, 2010

Snow and Advocacy

We've had a lot of snow this winter. And ice. And I'm tired of it by now.

The City has declared a rest-of-the-winter parking restriction that amounts to no parking allowed on the even side of the street of the street for the rest of the winter (or April, which ever comes first). We lose on this deal because that means everyone has to park on my side of the street.

On the bright side, if winter really sucks again next winter, people will be parking on the other side of the street, so I can look forward to that for the next 11 or 12 months (sweet). Plus, now fire trucks can make it up and down our narrow, icy and snow-choked streets if needed (knock wood).

Despite the winter glum, there are some things to get excited about on the horizon...

We are potentially getting a Stone Arch Bridge bike boulevard which would ease your two-wheeled passage to (or from) downtown to the northern-most reaches of Northeast MPLS. The City is hosting two (count them: 2) public meetings to get input on the proposal. The first meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 16 at University Lutheran Church of Hope. The second meeting is the next day (Feb. 17) at Windom Park Rec Center. The links on these meetings take you to the official City flyer for these meetings. Don't be afraid - click them for more information.

We have also recently had some Complete Streets legislation introduced into the legislature. There are opportunities to support that as well. Complete Streets just make sense, and I think it's encouraging that the State is thinking about adopting a Complete Streets policy. However, if this legislation doesn't have any real teeth in it, I fear this will just be more window dressing and fodder for political credit-claiming for our elected officials, and won't result in much positive change. If you care at all, go to these meetings, support the legislation and then hold everyone accountable for delivering on this. Thank you Transit for Livable Communities for posting on this.

I am closing with a photo of the sidewalk to my bus stop. Enjoy!


  1. Great, but will they actually clear the bridge of ice and snow to make it usable.

  2. No kidding. Check this out: