Feb 14, 2008


Today took me to Fairbanks, AK for several meetings. We had an early flight out of Anchorage on AK Air and got into Fairbanks in time for breakfast. It's only an hour flight to Fairbanks but by road it is about 7 hours. The Denny's in Fairbanks probably can lay claim t0 the most photographed restaurant sign in the world.

The second shot is from the 5th floor of the Key Bank building in downtown Fairbanks. Not much of a skyline, but I think you will agree it is beautiful in its own way.

Got back to Los Anchorage by about 4:00, had a quick dinner at the F Street and packed. One early conference call tomorrow and I am off to Minneapolis for a bit. It's been two weeks up here and I am ready to return to normal life for awhile.

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