Feb 21, 2008

The Pugsley

On Saturday I lucked into a 2008 Surly Pugsley that was in great shape. I had good components and some beautiful Woody's Fenders mounted up. After a quick test ride I had to have it. I took the fenders off temporarily but will likely re-mount them later. Here is a photo to help you appreciate the awesomeness of this bike:

Click on the first photo to go to the Surly website and find our more about what makes this bike so different.

It turns out that apparently, Blogger does not let you rotate a photo, so go ahead and grab your monitor and turn it over on it's side to look at the second the second "head on" photo. Be sure to return it to the original position when you are done.

1 comment:

  1. Just finished building up my pug. Been going around nailing every snow-berm I can find. ^_^