Feb 10, 2008


Molly and I slept in and then hung out in our old stomping grounds today. It was cold - about -10 when we woke up but we braved that and headed to airport park for a photo of Anchorage from a far. Water is steaming a bit, but you can see the ConocoPhillips builing (gold, tall on the left) the Atwood building (silver, tall, next to Conoco) and the steam from the MLP power plant outbound on the Glen Hwy.

The second shot is from the new location of my favorite discount outdoor clothing store (Great Outdoor Clothing Co. or something like that). It's on Northern Lights and Spenard, down from the REI store. I scored a cheap balaclava and some heavy weight long johns for winter biking - all for about $30. Sweet.

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