Mar 13, 2008

As Strong as Steel

This catastrophic failure occured to non-lugged steel frame at a relatively low speed. The accident occured at about 12 mph when the rider (not me) was T-boned by another byker that ran the stop sign/light as he was pulling away from an intersection. What's interesting to me is that this amount of destruction was done by another bike and rider, and no car or or other large mass was involved.

The frame is (was) a Rodriguez and was probably a lightweight frame. The fact that the top tube failed right near the top tube weld is interesting and makes me wonder if the weld got too hot or the frame had been stressed somehow, but even so, the down tube totally collapsed and the wheel is pushed back about 4 inches. I am surprised at how this nice bike folded right up after after right-cross accident.

I still like steel over CF, but watch out at intersections...

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