Mar 1, 2008


The Minoura truing stand has been sold to a Bike Lover who shall remain nameless to protect their identity. I have an all-morning class on overhauls at Hiawatha Cycles this morning and some in-law action later today, then it's off to Anchorage again for another week.
I see Park Tools is selling prety nice shop shirts on the website at
Bike Lover Jimn has developed a snarky Google "mapplet" to point us to MPLS bike trails and decent roads. He posted that on MBL earlier this week and I love it (see the Route Planning forum for the full discussion). Based on the MBL chatter, I expect it will grow and only get better. Check it out here:
This will make it over to links as well to keep it available. Thank you Jimn!
That's it; gotta go. Keep Right!!

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