Mar 8, 2008


Long travel day coming back from Anchorage, but when I got home we hit Pepito's for some tasty margs and food, then hung out at the house the rest of the evening. A nice surprise awaited my arrival: a new Snap-On grease gun. I had the chance to use one of these at Hiawatha during the overhaul class last weekend and really enjoyed the tool, so I went on line and scored one for myself.
You can too if you click on the photo.
It was not expensive even though it's a Snap-On and will probably last the rest of my life time, so I should be all set in that department. It's small (3 oz. capacity) and the nipple is small enough to get into a hub, and you can load it with anything you like (Phil, Park, White Lithium, etc.).

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