Jul 25, 2010

3-Speed Ride!

I am organizing a laid-back 3-Speed ride for Sunday, August 8. If you have an old 3-Speed and want to meet a few others that enjoy the genteel, and occasionally cantankerous, ride of these machines, join me!

We will be meeting at the Minnehaha Falls Depot at 1:00 on Sunday, August 8. Plan on a leisurely ride between 10 and 20 miles, with a stop or two on the way.

Dust of the old bike, oil up the Sturmey-Archer hub and come on down. No tweed required for this one, but avoid clingy synthetics if possible.


  1. Dang! Just 7 speeds over. Pooh :-( Sounds fun though!

  2. nice. Sounds like fun. If I had a 3-speed (and didn't already have plans that weekend) I'd totally be there. Let us know how it goes.

  3. What if one has a new 3-speed? (As in, bought it off of Jim's sale floor?) May one ride that? -- Mrs. Velocipete

  4. New 3-speeds are welcome to come! It's just that most of the 3-speed people I know ended up with one second-hand, but it would be fun to see a modern bike as well.