Jul 17, 2010

Sailboat Hunting

Montgomery 15
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I've wanted a boat for years, but have never acted on that impulse. This summer, as I contemplate life and the future, I've decided to act on a few things that I have not previously explored, including boating.

It turns out sailboat shopping is best handled slowly and methodically. A good boat doesn't have to cost a fortune, but a cheap boat can cost a fortune to repair if one is not careful. Good boats seem to move pretty fast in the secondary market, as well.

This is case in point; it's a Montgomery 15 that was up for sale at Hooper's in Afton recently. A friend that is coaching me through the sailboat hunt alerted me to it. I traveled out to Afton a few days later only to find that it had sold the previous day.

Disappointing, but probably all for the best, seeing as I have never sailed in my life. Next week we are starting sailing classes at Lake Calhoun, so I expect we'll learn a lot from that adventure. In the meantime, I continue to prowl Craig's List and watch the other sites for decent boats at fair prices...

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  1. I learned to sail when I was 14 or 15 years old at YMCA camp on Lake Independence. You'll probably learn in the same type of boat as I did, a C-class. It's a gas and I'm hoping all the best for you.