Jul 14, 2010

Crap Shoot

The weather forecast was partly to mostly alarming today; something like a 60% chance of thunderstorms, with a good potential for severe weather, tornadoes, etc., etc. At the office, we were even treated to a severe weather refresher from the folks that run the IDS Center (basically, the upshot is don't hang out in the "Crystal Court" during a tornado).

I applauded myself for being so prepared for contingency as I mounted the bad weather bike at 7:15 AM under glowering skies and headed to the office. This bike's sole purpose is to take the blows from rain, snow and whatever other hostilities the world can dish out and serve as the sacrificial anode that preserves my Rawland, LeMond and other Sweet Rides. I am all-weather-capable and ready for anything, damn it.

I had the chance to ride this bike home in a torrential downpour last Thursday and it was delightful. I couldn't wait for the rain to start today. Chuckling to myself* and rubbing my hand together like a mad scientist, I carefully monitored the weather radar throughout the day, anticipating an interesting ride home (much to the alarm of my co-worker's).

Sadly, the storms moved north and/or never materialized, so I ended up riding home in bright sunshine into a hot, stiff headwind on a single speed mountain bike with a heavy bag on my back.


* in other words. laughing maniacally

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