Jan 9, 2012

Get Your Cameras and Get Rolling, Please.

People of Earth - I ask for your help in a matter of great importance (at least to me and 619 other people).

I am an admin for the Flickr group "Bikebyshootings". This group is dedicated to photography from a moving bicycle. Ideally, we want photos that capture the motion, the feeling of speed and the fun of swooshing around on a bike. We have some really great photos in the group, in fact, the photo with this post was pulled from that group.

Just think how nice it would be to have a collection of photos that evoke the motion, color, excitement and sheer, unmitigated fun of riding around on a bike. That's what I am striving for at Bikebyshootings.

Unfortunately, all is not well in Bikebyshootings. I just finished cleaning up the recent submissions. We continue to get a lot of pretty low-quality photos (and a lot more redundant photos) submitted to this group. The tried and true "photo-of-my-lap-while-wearing-a-skirt" seems to show up once a week or so. The even more tiresome "photo-of-me-riding-an-xtracycle-along-the-California-Coast-in-a-polo-shirt-with-a-camera-on-a-stick" is really starting to get old.

Good idea, but give it a rest and try from something different tomorrow, please.

Here's my ask:

Carry a small digital camera with you and take a shot or two each day. Vary the angle, try new things, capture your experience. Recognize that like any worthwhile endeavor, this may not be easy or immediately rewarding, but keep at it. Looking for "the shot" will make your ride more interesting, open your eyes to possibilities you might not be seeing currently, and Bikebyshootings might benefit from your efforts if you submit one or two to the group.

Rember - we are looking for photos from a moving bike; we are not looking for photos of your bike, or places your rode to, or for that matter photos of something you saw while sitting on your bike at a stop light don't count for this group (shoot away though - whatever floats your boat).

I know my few readers can do better than what we've got out there tonight, in fact our own "Repeet" has posted some of the best photos out there, so it's time we pull together and raise the bar on this group.

That's all. You can go back to what you were doing now and thanks for reading.

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  1. I read your post, then browsed through many of the photos and then your post made lots of sense. The "xtra cycle on a stick" theme was overdone. I like the photos-of-the-lap-while-wearing-a-mini-skirt.