Jan 29, 2012

These Dynamic Times

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It's been quiet here due partially to a creative drought and partially to the noise of life, so here's a quick update on just what's been going on...

We have been house-hunting, and found what we thought was a winner in the Longfellow neighborhood of So. MPLS. Despite repeated difficulties with the seller, the offer was accepted, the inspection conducted and financing completed. All this while preparing to put our current house on the market, no less.

The wheels came off the transaction for the third and final time when the new house appraised well below the contract price. This was the kiss of death to the transaction. We walked away from the deal last week. I wish the seller well and hope he finds some therapy or something to help him resolve his issues.

We have also reached the point where my parents need to move into an assisted living situation of some sort. I was down at their place for about seven days, helping out and starting to make arrangements for the future. I anticipate more trips like that in the future, as well.

The upshot for me is that a lot of stuff has been placed on hold. I doubt we'll continue the house-hunting for the short-term; we might be better off to wait until things are more settled and then make a long term "where do we want to live" decision rather than just finding a better arrangement in MPLS, anyway. That requires patience, however.

I also missed my second welding class at CAFAC and am weighing whether or not I would be better off to drop the class at this point, get a refund and then pick this up when I have more time. So far, sleeping on it has not yielded any insights. I'll go to the next class and talk to the instructor and see what she thinks, I guess.

Finally, I volunteered a few hours a week at a local food shelf, in the warehouse and inventory area. I was originally planning to start that last week as well, but that's been slipped a little bit as well. That's easy enough to pick back up again, though, so I'll be there this week and staffing as I can.

My New Year's eve rune stone counseled patience. Now I see why.

The good news is the creative drought seems to have eased. Maybe is the coming of Spring, longer day light, eating oatmeal or perhaps the solar flares. Who knows how the muses work?

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