Apr 26, 2012

It Might Be Time

It might be time to get another Beers for Bloggers together, what with Spring in the air and the trails clogged with pale-legged people.

I propose a get-together next week - perhaps Thursday, May 3 after work - at Sea Salt. This might the 5th time or so that we've done this, I guess, and it's always a good time so hopefully a few people can make it. Some usually get food, others just stay for a beverage and a chat and then head on down the road. Whatever; it's casual and no pressure and the company is good.

Hopefully we can get a few cyber friends as well as real-life friends over to come on over, including (but not limited to):

We put the welcome mat out for everybody, so if you are in the neighborhood and want to stop in, by all means please do so.


  1. I'll be there! It'll just take me two months to bike from Portland.

  2. Next week won't work for me, perhaps the week after?

  3. I'm with Wheel, next week is when everybody seems to want to do everthing. The week following looks more promising. Even if I'm not on the official roll call. ;-)

  4. Well, then. Let's postpone it to the week after. Is Thursday best for people?