Apr 3, 2012

On Hold

I have been absent from this blog too much, lately, and I think I need to fess up and just put a hold on things for the time being.

My family is needing my immediate attention and that is getting the Lion's Share of my energy these days, diverting my energy, focus and sarcasm from all those those things I've known before.

Rather than hash together some half-assed content and update the blog sporadically to bridge this situation like some other bloggers might try, I am just putting this site on hold for the time being (according to Hoyle that's entirely legit and I don't lose a turn).

I don't see this as permanent shut-down by any means. Me being me, I'll likely pick up this blog when the dust settles. It's just that I can't sustain this right now and I don't know when things will change. And given my hard-wired desire to exceed expectations, I don't want you all thinking that I just don't give a shit, because I do, in fact, give a shit. It's just that right now I can't give a...

Um... That metaphor didn't work out quite as well as I was hoping, so nevermind about that.

Until then, thanks everyone for stopping be and seeing what I have to say regardless of how inconsequential it is. Keep the faith, ride as much as you can, be kind to each other and for God's sake be careful.

Here's Bob to fill in the blanks.

- Joe


  1. Best of luck. I'll be waiting for your return!

  2. My RSS feed will be ready whenever you pick up the proverbial quill again.