Apr 20, 2008

Back in the L-48

Got back Saturday about 6:00 PM from Anchorage. I am wiped out; it was a long busy week capped off by a long flight. Hopefully a little R&R on Sunday will put me right.

I was looking at some stats on hits and it was interesting; I got quite a bit of traffic on ghost bike posts from people that came in via Google. Also, I have gotten a some steady hits from folks looking for the gear-inch calculator; if you are one of those, go over to the links list and you will find what you are looking for there.

Finally, I got a surprising number of hits from overseas. Blogger has a "view next blog" function and they seem to delight in flinging off to some random blog from a foreign land. About half the time I have tried that, I get sent to someone's blog about their favorite Brazilian soccer team, it seems. Here is a great example... I just hit "next blog" and here's what I got:


This would make a good drinking game. If the first photo is a baby, drink! If the site is foreign, drink! etc. etc.

Things to do today include breakfast, a run to REI to pick up an order, maybe a run to Northern Tool, some reading and some more sleeping, hopefully. Tomorrow I'll feel better and light the world on fire.

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