Apr 12, 2008


It continues to be cold and nasty out. The weather forecast called for something like 10 inches of snow and high winds on Thursday but thankfully we only got less than an inch of slush because it stayed around 35 degrees. Nevertheless, a whole day and a half of cold rain after this winter was more than I wanted to face.

I ducked out of work a little early on Thursday to attend a police auction of bicycles at the evidence building near Bachman's. It was a pretty disappointing collection of cheap mountain bikes for the most part. Makes the Schwinn at the right look like the catch of the day. I did not stick around for the bidding since there was nothing there worth bringing home.

On another note, I brought my re-painted Waterford 1200 in to Hiawatha Cycles today to get it built out. I got the frame second-hand (quite cheap) but it was a ghastly pink-and-gray fade job. I had it stripped and re-painted by Waterford over the winter (now it's a hot burnt orange metallic and looks really good) and am finally getting around to building it out. I'll have the guys at HC tinker with that while the weather waits to improve and hopefully have a nice ride for the summer. Pics will be posted when available.

I am now off to Anchorage for another week. Things are picking up in AK with the big pipe and I have back-to-back meetings for the first three days this week, so it's going to be busy.

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