Apr 21, 2008

Out the Door

I am dumping some almost new trekking bars from Nashbar. I bought these to put on Molly's trusty Cannondale to see if she liked them more than her drops. The answer was yes, but not enough. She is now running some flat bars on the C'dale and these are spares.

They are quite wide but comfy and offer a lot of hand positions. You need to decide how you want to mount brake levers, but there are a lot of options and I had no trouble at all installing them or mounting brakes. I am going to list them on MBL for $5. If you are interested, you can comment below as well.

Yeah - I know. There are terrible photos, too, but if you don't know the concept of trekking bars these are probably not for you anyway. If you really care and are really serious, I will go out to the garage and get a better photo, but the bars cost $6 then...

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