Jun 11, 2008

Blog Roulette

I was a winner on Blog roulette* this evening!! Motown nuns, slutty cheerleaders, and no explanation at all that I could understand. Tonight the Next Blog portal took me to

XV Przegląd Twórczości Artystycznej Dzieci i Młodzieży Rejonu Augustowskiego

Blog roulette can be like a binary trip through the looking glass, but stranger. Whatever this event was, it actually looks kind of fun.

Now, on to the news.

Gasoline is now over $4.00 in Minneapolis and I am noticing more bike commuters on the roads. At a work event a few weeks ago, one of our younger employees asked me about biking to work. She told me that she wanted to try it and would aim to ride in to the office at least once a week. She lives near me, and I offered to accompany her at some point to help her learn the route, find out where to park, and generally get over over the first-time jitters. She took me up on the offer this week, and we rode in today.

The ride in was great - we had to leave early so we had little traffic and it was overcast but dry. The ride was easy and we went slow, so it was no problem for her and I think she enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it began raining and kept it up all day, but she was trooper and up for the ride home. It was warm, so it was not bad, but I was proud of her for not wimping out. We made it safe and sound and I think I showed her the ropes a little, so I feel like I did a good deed.

I posted something about this on MBL and I am honored that it got "stickied" (I am now immortal). This idea has been tried before and it never has worked because there are more volunteers than newbies, but as Jim points out, maybe $4 gas will be the motivation needed to get more people on bikes.

If I had been thinking, I would have brought my camera, but it turns out that I don't think much early in the morning, so you have to make do with the nun photo for this post.

That's it. Be safe, have fun.

* Blog roulette: click the "NEXT BLOG" link at the top of this page and see where Blogger flings you. It's not random, but not predictable, either. Usually it's a new blog, and often it's foreign.

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  1. Always helps to have someone who has been doing it for much longer show a noobie the ropes. Keep it up.