Jul 16, 2009

Bike Force to MIA

I got charmed into participating in the Bike Force/Minneapolis Institute of Arts event this evening. Several co-workers were interested in going, and I was on the fence, so this was enough to tip me to the "yes" side of the equation.

We met at One on One for a free beer (thank you, Surly) and generally made the scene, then rolled out for Critical Mass-style ride around the riverfront and downtown to the MIA. The ride was a trip; I have never done a Critical Mass ride (I am generally opposed to CM and don't think it does bike commuters, let alone other cyclists, any favors). Mob mentality took hold, however, and I ran the lights and waved at the honking cars with the rest of these miscreants.

We made it to MIA with no accidents, arrests or pregnancies (as far as I know) and hung out at the MIA for awhile before splitting. I ran into half a dozen friends but missed a few others I had hoped to see. My co-workers really enjoyed the event, and I had a good time as well.

Long weekend coming up with a few rides planned, so I am looking forward to that as well. The photo is from my commute route, on the east side of downtown Minneapolis. Note the red light. It felt so naughty...

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