Jul 20, 2009

Gross but True

A co-worker and I were trading weekend stories this morning at the office. He told me that he rode a portion of what sounds like the LRT trail out in Eden Prairie or Chaska this weekend. At one point on the ride, they stopped at an overlook of a pond and entered a blind or shelter with port holes to view the water. After peering through the portal for a bit, he felt a sensation of bugs crawling on him.

He noticed a swallow nest right above him. Thinking nothing more of it, he saddled up and rode on, stopping several times to brush the invisible creepy-crawlers off of him, but he never saw anything to cause the crawling sensation. Thinking about it while riding back to MPLS, he concluded that mites or other vermin from the baby birds dropped down on him while he was in the shelter.

He told me that when he got home, took a long hot shower and finally felt better - no more crawling. That was, until Sunday, when he again put on his helmet and had the same creepy crawler sensation. The bugs must have lodged in his helmet as well, and he was now re-infested. Luckily, they had some "lice-be-gone" spray at hand from work at the local school, so he doused the helmet with the bugicide, washed it well, and let it dry.

All was well on the ride in to the office today.


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