Jul 9, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

There is a ton of stuff going on this weekend. Bike Film Festival, BFF bike polo tourney, a fund raiser pancake feed at Bedlam theatre for Bike! Bike! and the Tour De France live on the big screen of the Riverview Theatre. Plus, MMRB is looking for help to push some bikes out this weekend.

The TDF conflicts with the Hiawatha ride, which I am wanting to do again, but I'll opt for the TDF this weekend and pick up the Hiawatha ride next week, hopefully. I'm also planning on spending Saturday afternoon wrenching for MMRB and hitting the pancake soiree at Bedlam. I may or may not make the scene at the BFF polo tourney, helping out but not playing.

The TDF has taken a toll on my discretionary time as usual. It's a grueling test of stamina to try and watch every stage, let alone ride the thing. Thankfully I am recording it and can skip the commercials, but still, it's too much tv time in July.

In other news, it's been almost a week since Palin gave her resignation announcement. There is a lot of speculation on why she did it, since she really did not give a clear answer in her interview/press conference. One theory is there is a major scandal coming down and she resigned to avert that disaster. Another popular theory is that she is positioning for a run for President. I can see that, but I don't see how dropping the ball and walking off the court helps her do that. Personally, I subscribe to a simpler explanation; I think she needs to do this to cash in on her book deal and hit the speaking circuit while she is still a hot commodity. You've got to make hay when the sun shines, as they say. It's left Alaska perplexed, and raises all kinds of questions, but that's pretty much status quo in Alaska.

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  1. Versus is broadcasting the Tour on the web this year. So far I've been able to catch most of the action on headphones while at work. And the best part is, 3+ hours of Phil and Paul commentary with no commercial breaks, explanations of how the Tour works, or anything other than race coverage. It's changed the way I feel about the Tour, for the better.