Jul 31, 2009

Who Are These People?

This morning on the way into work, I was hustling up Park Ave north of Lake Street but South of 26th Street. I got caught at the light on 26th (I never seem to make that one) and while I am waiting for the light, a tall guy on an upright bike of some sort rolls up behind me. The light changes and I pull away from the intersection and quickly get up to about 18.5 mph, which for me is pretty fast. At least, I thought so.

A block later, the guy on the three speed or whatever essentially wrinkles time as he passes me going about 21 mph. And what really got my attention was that and he looked like he's not even working. He's just... toodling along... in a light jacket and some slacks.


I would have gotten a picture but there was no time. He dropped me like a bad habit and I lost all chance of catching him when he made the light at Franklin and I did not.

Oh well, it's more about the ride. That's what said a few weeks ago, so it must be true.

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