Apr 26, 2010

Glorious Sunday

Crab Apples
Originally uploaded by Snak Shak
For those of you that don't think blogs should be about what you did yesterday, skip this post...

The photo doesn't these trees justice - the crab apples were absolutely rioting in Longfellow this weekend. We spent a good part of Sunday just riding around, doing some errands and sampling spring...

A slow meander from the Parkway through So. MPLS to Mr. Michael to drop off some carnauba wax, followed by a slow meander to Half Price Books to liquidate some assets, followed by a slow meander to Sea Salt to sample some ice cream offerings, followed by a slow meander back to the house so I could doze off in front of the Fleche-Wallonne race coverage on Versus.

Molly was an absolute mountain goat getting herself up the Marshal Ave, Hill on her Breezer, and we were rewarded with a hearty "Bike Love" at the top. Nice day all around.

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  1. This truly is a great time of year to be in Minnesota, isn't it?