Apr 12, 2010

35W Detour Rehabilitation

Reposted from a recent MPLS Bicycle Update as a public service:

On Wednesday, April 21st , Public Works will host an open house on the 35W Detour Route Rehabilitation Project from 5pm to 7pm at Central Library (300 Nicollet Mall) in the Doty Board Room. The project proposes the addition of bike lanes in downtown on 4th Avenue (10th Street to Washington Avenue), 5th Avenue (10th Street to Washington Avenue), and 6th Street (1st Avenue N to 5th Avenue S). For more information, visit the project website.
If you  have not been following this, it's a big deal. We lost bike lanes downtown due to the Marq2 Project and the reconfigured Hennepin Ave. and 1st Ave. lanes bike lanes are getting mixed reviews (my vote is that Hennepin is fine and 1st is unsafe). We are critically short of good commuter bike infrastructure downtown and this project would do a lot to improve that as soon as this year. Please come to the meeting and support the additions of bike lanes downtown. This is the single best thing Minneapolis could do to encourage multi-modal transit and decrease downtown congestion, which is good for everyone downtown, not just the bike commuters.

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