Apr 17, 2010

The Twins are Bike-Friendly

This week was the home opener at our new Target Field. The mania downtown was unbelievable - it seemed like everyone was wearing Twins attire and there was clearly excitement in the air.

At the Downtown Minneapolis Transportation Summit we were subjected to a rather long and tedious presentation by a PR person with the Twins organization on the effect of the new ballpark on downtown congestion. He went on and on about how few home games would actually impact rush hour during week days, and that basically this would be no worse than the Metro Dome.

Of course the light rail was mentioned as an alternative to driving, but what did not get a spot on the PowerPoint was any mention of bike parking, and it should have. The Twins have apparently planned on bike parking in the new stadium. The map above is linked from the Twins website and shows the general location of racks around the stadium. The word from those that have ridden to a game is that the racks by the light rail station fill up quickly, but there is ample parking around back,  between the stadium and the trash burner, and that new set up is superior to the Metro Dome for bike parking.

I appreciate the racks. If they have the space, a secure bike corral would be a great addition - I'd even be willing to pay a little to stash my bike there.

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