May 6, 2010


After what has been a bit of a hiatus I am getting to travel for work again. Here's a photo of the glamorous "Home Turf" bar in the Phoenix Skyharbor airport on a Thursday afternoon. At least they have free internet here.

Prior to Phoenix I had the chance to spend two days in Portland, OR. Despite what Buy-Cycling magazine says,  I think PDX has an edge on MSP. That's not just due to the fact that a lot of the streets seem to have bike lanes. What impressed me more was the acceptance on the part of drivers of bicyclists. Several times I saw riders in the far left and far right lanes of three-lane streets downtown and never once did a car lay on the horn or edge around them. That behavior impressed me more than the bike lanes, honestly.

Tonight: Salt Lake City (I am not expecting a wild time) for two more meetings and a circuitous flight back to MSP in time for some weekend wrenching to fix the gearing on the three speed. I'll be unveiling that here shortly...

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