May 25, 2010

Letters, We Get Letters...

Or, actually emails as the case may be....

This just in from Alex:
Like your website. Looking for a cannondale in Anchorage, and your site popped up in google.
As to your year-old energy grid post: also not certain that terrorism is the best pitch for making our grid more robust.
Nevertheless, I was in Ann Arbor MI during the blackout of 2003, and am convinced we need to upgrade our infrastructure. The cause of the blackout was reportedly a "bug" in a GE energy management system program. Who knows how the bug got there. It matters more though that a bug in the emergency notification system was all it took to shut down the NE energy grid. We need more redundancies. Also more people need to be more self-sufficient when it comes to energy (and transportation).
Rock on. 
Thanks, Alex. I was in Connecticut for the 2003 blackout and that evening I took the most quiet and peaceful hike I have ever had in the trap rock ridges and watched the sun set over no lights whatsoever. It was weird and fascinating, like most of my CT experience, in retrospect.

I am always surprised to find out that people actually read my stuff, but I am glad you enjoyed it. Good luck with your hunt for C'dale in ANC. Speedway seems like a good shop, but The Bike Shop has never treated me wrong, either. I don't think they sell Cannondales, however...

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