May 10, 2010

I Know Where the Cool Kids Will Be

Today is my birthday, although not much celebrating happened other than eating part of a much-appreciated cake purchased by wife.

I propose a rendezvous at Sea Salt this Friday for beers and fellowship. I'll be there around 4:30 and hope to see some others as well. If it's nice, I'll be outside. If the weather is poor, I'll be inside. If nobody shows up, I'll be the guy drinking alone.

Yam, Velocipete, Sigrid, nameless lurkers - stop by if you are so inclined - we will welcome spring and toast our victories.


This was a success! Thanks Brother Yam, Velocipete and Jim & Kay for taking the time to come and sample the good life on a fine evening. Hope to see you all at the wiener dog convention tomorrow...


  1. Happy b-day Joe. I will try and swing by for a brew on Friday

  2. i'm off this week, doing chores and such. a beer would be a nice way to cap off the week. see you there

  3. Excellent!! We'll see you there! Supposedly we are going to have decent weather on Friday, too.

  4. Can't make it, but if you need more beers this weekend holla.