May 19, 2010

Huck Finning the Blog

Anyone who has ever completed a beginning Lit. class will most likely recall being shepherded through Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. One of the most memorable points of the story, as best I can recall, is where Tom convinces his friends (including Huck) just how fun it is to whitewash fences, and he graciously gives them each a chance to experience it for themselves, saving himself from the work of actually whitewashing a fence on his own.

I use the term "Huck Finned" at work now and then to describe situations where somebody convinces others to do their work. I retrospect, I guess I should call it "Tom Sawyering", but I don't, it's "Huck Finning an assignment" in my shop. Now, thanks to my own procrastination and the fickleness of the muses, I am a little ashamed to admit that I have apparently Huck Finned my own blog.

Last week Velocipete, Brother Yam, Jim and Kay of Jim's Phredly blog and yours truly all met for a nice MPLS Bike Blogger summit at Sea Salt. Cold ones were hoisted, stories were told and laughs were enjoyed by all present. Now I see that both Yam and Velocipete have beaten me to the post here and here, respectively. They both did such nice write ups I am not sure what else to say except "yeah - me too".

This meet up was inspired by a cycling goal of slowing down and having more fun on my commutes, which think is as worthy as any speed or distance goal.

This was a lot of fun despite the slow drizzle of tent worms that came down. Hopefully we'll something like this again at some point. I can see, though, that I'll have to bring it up a notch to be as timely as my esteemed colleagues on the download.

Not that I am overly competitive or anything...


  1. I'm sure if I go to The Urban Dictionary and look up "Huck Finning" it will be something disgusting.

  2. Here we go with the Urban Dictionary thing again. I have to gird my loins to even look at the thing sometimes...