Jun 6, 2010

Good Deeds

Three Speed
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This weekend was pretty sedate despite the opportunities for diversion (Grand Old Days, the Art Fair(s) and of course the 48th and Chicago festival). I found myself less inspired than usual, leaving several projects unfinished, or in some cases, entirely un-started. At least I got the grass cut...

One small project that got completed was swapping out the hand-hatchet grips on my Raleigh 3-speed for some nice QBP cork grips that I picked up at HCHQ on Friday. The grips are excellent. I glued them on on Saturday and rode them on Sunday. Tons better than the stock grips (both aesthetically and ergonomically).

The only other thing of substance that I accomplished this weekend was karmic favor-trading.

One of the projects I didn't finish this weekend involved moving parts from one bike to another. needed to borrow another work stand to swap a few parts from one bike to another. If you have ever worked on a bike without a work stand, you will know that it is back-breaking work to crouch down or sit on the floor to remove parts from an unstable bike and then get up and install them on another bike. I am too old for that noise...

Work stands are not cheap, so I was not about to buy a second one, Instead, I put a call out to the Bike Lovers and was rewarded in less than 30 minutes with the offer of loaner stand for the weekend. Sweet. I picked it up on Saturday afternoon and got to work.

Later that evening, I spied a request on CL for a bike a disadvantaged kid, and connected the poster to MMRB. In fact, MMRB did me one better by donating a bike if I would repair it for the girl. I hustled myself over there today and fixed up a decent blue 20-inch girls bike for her, and will connect the bike to the needy child later this week.

I like the interconnectedness of these little stories. I am admittedly a little down and low on energy, but I needed a favor and asked, and lo and behold, I got what I was looking for. That, in turn, inspired me to do a favor for someone else that will probably make little girl's week.

And so it goes.

Thanks emma55jean and MMRB for pulling this together.

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