Jun 8, 2010

Paying It Forward

Over the past weekend, I responded to an ad on Craig's List from a young woman looking for a bike for an 8-year old girl. The young woman is in Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and the 8-year old is her "Little Sister". Little Sister's family can't afford a bike, so Big Sister was looking for a cheap repairable because this girl really, really wants a bike.

I sent Big Sister a plug for Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles and put in a word for her with Mike and Benita at MMRB. They responded with the offer of a free bike if I supplied the labor to make it rideable. Unbelievable, unless you know Mike and Benita, and then it's still pretty darn nice.

I swung by the shop on Sunday and Mike "just happened" to have the right bike on the top of the top of the pile and within easy reach (I don't believe that's a coincidence, he must have done some digging to pull this one out). One new tire and some general TLC made this steed rideable. I gave it a once-over at MMRB and another more thorough going over tonight in the basement. Now it's ship-shape now and ready to roll.

I'll be handing the bike over to the Big Sister tomorrow. I hope the little girl likes it. I actually test-rode this around the neighborhood tonight and it works surprisingly well.

Chalk one up for the good guys. Thanks Mike and Benita for the kind generosity.


  1. Come and spread some of that good cheer on Friday at Sea Salt -- you're Make-a-wish just came true... again.

  2. Nice work! A pic of yourself riding it would have been the icing on the cake for this post. :)