Nov 2, 2010

DIY Book Club

After trying unsuccessfully to hook up with an existing book club, I have decided to try and start my own damn book club. I found the book club I dipped my toe into to be kind of a closed circle; by starting a new one, I am hoping to open this to others that have wanted to try this but maybe have not found the right group.

The first book we will be reading is a non-fiction book (The Gift of Fear) by Gavin DeBecker. I read this several years ago and found it fascinating. The author is an expert at threat assessment; he is a behavioral psychologist type and has done a lot of work on determining when someone is, in fact, dangerous. The link has a better description than I can provide, but suffice it to say that it's a fascinating window on human behavior, and with recent issues on the LRT trail and assaults in Elliot Park, it's timely and topical. The book is available from the MPLS library and can be purchased in paperback for about $7.00.

I put the initial feeler out on this via MPLS Bike Love. This is still dynamic and specifics on time and place are yet to be determined, but if this takes root, I'll probably open a Facebook page to manage this. We'll probably meet either in South MPLS or downtown in early to mid-November to discuss the first book. If you are at all interested please let me know via the comment function below and I"ll keep you posted.

I promise this group will be open and receptive to new people, will be respectful of all opinions, and won't be stuffy or snobbish.

The discussion on Bike Love can be seen over here.

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