Nov 3, 2010

More Stupid Bike Games

Originally uploaded by Snak Shak
Back in mid-October I posted about a photo tag game I am participating in. The idea is to find some obscure mural and get a picture of it with your bike in the photo. That photos gets posted on-line and then others hunt around and try to find the location and recreate the photo (more or less) and post the next mural. I scored my second "find" today.

There's another stupid bike game I play that's a little edgier. There's a small but passionate group devoted to taking self-portraits of themselves on a bike. For whatever reason, these have become known as "Panda" photos. I have indulged in run-of-the mill Panda photos previously, but lately I have been drawn to the more thrilling "danger Panda" genre.

A "danger Panda" photo requires that you ride hands-free and snap the picture such that the other hand, and the moving bicycle is clearly visible.

I can only imagine what I look like to normal people as I attempt this.


  1. I propose starting a new group: "Danger Panda Whilst Salmoning." The pic must verify all three elements: (a) Panda; (b) Danger; (c) Salmoning. You can be first.

  2. That seems like the next logical step for me and I would totally game for that, but I would need a wide-angle lens to do it.

  3. Think this might be where the 'panda' moniker comes from...

  4. You are so completely badass Joe! WOOT! I can't ride without my hands.. I wish I could! That takes solid abs and good balance!

  5. hereNT - thanks for clearing that up! I never knew that.

    Hellen - "solid abs" are not how I would describe myself, but thanks for the feedback. I am working towards "less flabby" abs at the moment. After that, I am going to work on being taller.