Nov 14, 2010

Meet the New Cat

Originally uploaded by Snak Shak
Two weeks ago we took another cat in. "Coltrane" is about 4 years old and a neutered/de-clawed male. We've never had a short haired cat, and although the semi-long hairs are lovely, I am already appreciating less cat hair around the place than with the previous kittehs.

Coltrane was the trusty feline companion of Bike Lover "BillyPilgrim", who moved well out-of-state and couldn't take this fine fellow with him. It was a fortunate coincidence that we were ready for a new cat when Coltrane needed a new home. Mostly it's been seemless; he was kind of high strung when we took him in, but he has mellowed out and demonstrated himself to be a good cat. He's high spirited and quite a leaper, but he's also cuddly and laid back, and not at all stand-offish.

It's been awhile since we have had a young, active kitty; our last cat, Little Cat, passed away a year and a half ago at the ride old age of 19. She was a good kitty, but her senior years lasted a long time. Conversely, Coltrane loves to chase a lazer pointer around the house, and he's always ready to bat the scratchy mouse around the living room as well. Despite this, he is well-mannered and not very mouthy.

Having an animal around the house has changed the vibe at home a little bit. Friendly greetings when I come in the door are always nice, and hearing the "pad-pad-pad" as he stomps around is comforting.

Here's to animals and their care-takers.


  1. Now you just need another by the name of Miles, and you guys are all set.