Nov 9, 2010

Lunch On.

School Season Again.
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We are convening a gathering of the MPLS Bike Love "Downtown Dining Club" on Thursday. Anyone at all bikey that finds themselves downtown over the noon-hour is welcome to join us for food and fellowship. Specifics on time and place can be found here.

Edit - this just in! We'll be a Black Bamboo around 11:30. That's in Accenture Tower, ground floor, south side of the building. The food is decent but the price is excellent. Should be a good time.


  1. Dang. Lunch appointment today, otherwise I'd be there.

  2. Another rousing success. kn_mpls, omgmrj and Critter joined me for lunch at Black Bamboo. The fare was weighted toward meat options, but it was tasty and the fellowship was great. Thanks to all that came out for this and "sorry we missed you" to those that were not able to make it!