Dec 9, 2010

Better Cyclopath by Spring!

Comrades! I am re-posting a message from our friends at Cyclopath:

Dear snakshak:
I'm Mikhil Masli from Cyclopath HQ. Thank you for helping to make Cyclopath one of the best cycling resources in the world, right here in Minnesota! On behalf of Cyclopath, I'm requesting just 1 minute of your time. 
To prepare Cyclopath for the next cycling season, we at the HQ are launching a  campaign called "Better Cyclopath by Spring". The aim of this campaign is to ensure that by the time Spring arrives, Cyclopath has more information and is ready to help many more cyclists like you than last year.
Would you spare a minute to help this campaign? All we are asking you to do is to read a note and extract only one tag (single word label) from it (this should just take you a minute).
  Note: Very good mixed use path. It's asphalt of decent quality. Watch for pedestrians and cars on the streets turning onto Lexingon.
  Tag: cars OR decent quality OR pedestrians OR mixed use
If you agree now, we'll contact you with specific instructions in near future, after we have heard from more people.
Please click here to express your interest and commitment:
If you have any questions, please reply to this e-mail or contact
Thank you for participating in Cyclopath!

Mikhil Masli
on behalf of the Cyclopath team
GroupLens Research 
University of Minnesota
Cyclopath has already demonstrated itself to be a great resource to Twin Cities cyclists. I have tried Google Maps"bike there" tool and Cyclopath and came down on the side of Cyclopath for use in the metro area. Notes are important to optimizing routes, so if you have time and are knowledgeable about an area, spend a minute or two and help clean up the Cyclopath wiki.

Thanks and ride safe out there!!

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