Dec 3, 2010

Living for the Weekend

Lots going on this weekend, but fortunately the action is all going down in the same place and on the same day.

I discovered a Minneapolis Writer's Group that meets on Saturday mornings at Midtown Global Market. I plan to sample that tomorrow for the first time ever. I think it will be an interesting and fun experience. Thanks to my day-job, I tend to write well under pressure, and the new venue and experience may tap some hidden vein of creativity. I suspect that this may become a gateway into further shenanigans, however. One of my long-held but unspoken personal goals is to read my own stuff at a poetry slam at some point in my life. This writer's group seems like a pretty logical stepping stone in that direction. We'll see about that.

Another happening, the No-Coast Craft-a-Rama is also going down at that same location tomorrow. I know a few people that are exhibiting (and hopefully selling) at this event. We went last year and the stuff they had was exceptional and unique and kind of weird. I am hoping for the same this year.

Finally, on the same day at the same venue, Blue Wolf is playing at 12:30. For you cats that are not hep to the scene, let me lay it down... Blue Wolf is a bluegrass band that we follow because the guitar player is a friend and sort of the brains of the operation. They are fun to watch and very talented - we've seen them at DuLono's a few times now and NEVER been disappointed. Be there or be square, Daddy-O.

Now for confession...

I've been a big wuss and have not ridden my bike for at least a week, now. I've used my need to read as an excuse to ride the bus to work. Hopefully I'll get back in the saddle over the weekend and sustain that into a commute here next week. That said, I've made peace with the bus and have a post brewing about just exactly how one should ride the bus, so stay tuned for that. Plus, I've made a few new Bus Friends, too.

The photo, in case anyone is interested, is dawn this morning from my porch.

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