Dec 13, 2010

Welcome Winter

Back Deck
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The weather forecasters were rewarded with an accurate forecast this weekend; Minneapolis got almost 18 inches of snow and high winds. The snow started on Friday and continued throughout the day on Saturday. The roof on the metrodome collapsed on Sunday morning due to the snow, so you know it was a significant weather event.

The tally for Saturday includes an X-C ski outing (I was reminded once more that I am a really poor skier), a snow shoe hike, four separate sorties with the snowblower, and 5 cars extricated from snow banks. I was a little stiff on Sunday, but not as bad as I would have expected.

Now we've got cold; temperatures never made it above 5 degrees at our house today. I took a day off the get caught up on a few things so I was out and about running errands. Driving is still difficult but it's do-able. We finished our "snow emergency" so we have been plowed on both sides of the street, but the City declared a second (back-to-back) snow emergency, so hopefully they will widen things out a bit.

Despite the cold weather, it's all-systems go for our first book club meeting tomorrow at Townhall Tap. Hopefully we'll have a few people show up for beer if not book-talk.

Stay warm, stay safe!

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