Sep 2, 2011

The Case of Disappearing Bike Rack

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I've been enjoying riding my folding bike to restaurants and bringing it in with me. I feel more smug than a Prius driver as I collapse the bike down into a little package and walk in with it like this is normal thing to do.

Tonight we rode over to Famous Dave's in Linden Hills for a end-of-the-week treat. To my surprise, the bike rack that they normally have on the sidewalk was missing. I didn't plan to use it - I was going to bring my bike in, but Molly needed something to lock up to.

I went in and heckled the staff over their lack of bike parking. They told me that the rack was out on the sidewalk. I replied that it WAS out on the sidewalk, but it's gone now. At first they didn't believe me, but somebody went out side and came back with a look of shock on their face and confirmed my thesis.

We ended up bringing Molly's bike in the restaurant (the screen porch part, actually) partly to make a point and mostly because all the other sign posts were already being used for bike parking.

While we were eating, one of the kids working there dragged the rack back to where it belongs - he told us that somehow it got moved around behind the building, but he found it and brought it back.

I appreciated that, but it makes me question the wisdom of locking to a rack that can wander around the neighborhood on it's own.

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