Sep 25, 2011

Early Fall Field Trip

Lake 23
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We set off in search of Autumn today. West on Highway 12 to Sibley State Park and the Glacial Lakes Trail.

We packed the folding bikes and headed to Spicer, MN where had a small picnic lunch before our ride. We explored Green Lake and Spicer as well as New London and the rail corridor that now hosts this trail.

The day was cool but the sun was warn - many, many wooly bear caterpillars picked today for a walk, so we were dodging them on the trail as we watched migrating Blue jays having raucous parties in the treetops.

We finished the ride portion of our day and headed over to Sibley State Park (which is HUGE) and found time for a nap in the warm sun on a small dock/canoe landing at Lake 23 (the primitive camping area of the park) before taking the view from "Mt. Tom" and checking out the swimming beach.

The drive home rewarded us with an epic sunset and a rainbow over the Twin Cities. The Fall color is at only about 25% or so, I would guess, but the farm fields are lovely and the sumac is in full color right now.

We'll need to do a few more of these day trips to catch the peak, but then, the hunt can be more rewarding than the catch.

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