Sep 12, 2011

Minnecycle 2011

Minnecycle Flyer 2011
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Minnecycle is back!

I made it to the very first Minnecycle and missed the second, but rest assured that I will be there for this one.

If you are not hip to the scene, Minnecycle is a wonderful show put on by our local Minneapolis bike frame builders. They use the event, at the Vine Arts building just off the Greenway, to showcase some of the flashy or innovative work that they have done over the past year.

We have a lot of really good frame builders here in the Twin Towns. This year, we can anticipate works from no less than a dozen local builders! These include:

- A-Train Cycles
- Anderson Custom Bicycles
- Appleman Bicycles
- Chris Kvale Cycles
- Clockwork Bicycles
- Curt Goodrich Bicycles
- Pallas Athena Custom Bicycles
- Peacock Groove
- Speedhound
- Three Stars Cycles
- Vincent Dominguez Cycles, and;
- Wyganoski Frames

That's a lot of skill and beauty packed into one space. Put it on the calendar and get yourself down to Minnecycle this year - I suspect this will be the best one yet.


  1. Will be glad to see you there! Make sure you say "hi"...

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