May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my birthday. Same for my twin brother, by the way. It was a nice day. It also coincided with Pick Up Sticks. Every year we have "Pick Up Sticks" at my in-laws farm. This is a low-key forced-labor event where we paint sheds, remove dead trees, clean up the yard and gardens, and force the kids to pick up the sticks that have come down over the harsh southern Minnesota winter. This year, I scraped a fence to prep it for painting, painted trim on a garden shed, replaced 8 fence boards and repaired a whiskey barrel planter (next job: Cooper). My in-laws got an ice-cream cake from the DQ in Blue Earth, so it was actually quite a nice birthday.

Now - on to my presents!!

The sad thing about getting older is what makes you happy. I got a nose-hair trimmer and it made me happy. I also got some hard-to-find, environmentally friendly aluminum-free deodorant, and you guessed it... it made me happy! I also got myself a pair of Continental Contacts (700c x 32) for the Cross Check. I mounted them up tonight, and damn if it did not make me happy, too. I also got a nice email from a friend, a card from my Mom (thanks, Mom!) and a call from my brother). I should go to bed right now, because it probably can't get any better than this. That makes me happy, too.

Edit - May 16:
In retrospect, I have to count that Waterford as a B-Day present, too. Otherwise I am not entirely worthy.

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